ActionFly Christmas USB Romantic 12 LED Light

This wave projector is very simple and plain to look at but the projection it creates is awesome!
It has many different color modes and I love the multi-color the best. I thought it was only going to light up just a little bit of my ceiling but it actually covers the entire ceiling and some of the side walls as well , that is if you position it right.

This Ocean Wave projector has a built in mini-speaker. It also comes with a audio cable to play music from your MP3 player, tablet or PC. The light can be powered using the included USB cable or the included AC adapter. It can also be powered by 4 AA batteries. There are several color choices: multi-color, a couple multi-color changing effects, solid blue, solid green, solid red, a flash effect, a fade effect. It is also perfect for creating a watery ocean atmosphere, which can be used in bathrooms, living rooms, or any other area.

It has three functional buttons, Middle one is for on/off and for changing color. You can choose your desired light coloring by pushing the power button repeatedly and stop at the one you like best from the 8 light projection modes. The two buttons next to it have a plus (+) and a minus (-) button on the light, these are for adjusting the volume of the Built-in speaker when you are listening to music. You can plug in an iPod, iPhone, MP3 or other device and play lullaby music, relaxing, meditation music.


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