ActionFly Newtons Cradle Balance Balls Physics Pendulum

This pendulum has a nice show to it and will look nice on any desk or table. It came in nicely packed. I think this is not only fun for kids but adults too. The body and base of the pendulum is made from ABS plastic and the silver steel balls hang from nylon threads. I wish the nylon threads were thicker and stronger to give more momentum.
The steel balls have a nice weight to them and the movements they cause are nice and smooth.

With a good flick on a nice flat surface the balls will dance for you for a minute or so.

You can enjoy the momentum in different ways like, by pulling up one ball and releasing, you will see that only one ball on the other side swings, when you pull up two, two balls will swing on the other side, and so on.

Overall a nice fun gift but is it worth 26 bucks! Nah! I would not pay that much for this quality.


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