Wisepalace Big size 6 pack Drink Coasters + holder, comes with sphere ice ball maker mold

This Wisepalace pack comes with nice 6 coasters, a holder to keep them in and sphere ice ball maker mold.
These coasters don’t stick to your glass, they absorb any condensation but don’t soak through as they are made of silicone.

They have a nice weight to them and don’t slide around easily, and water doesn’t get through them onto my table.
They were larger than I expected so that’s a plus. They are of good quality and seems like they will last a long time. Anyways I love them because they absorb the condensation on glasses instead of making puddles. These coasters are nicer, thicker, and sturdier than the other coaster I have.

The sphere ice ball maker mold is fun and adds jest to any drink. You can make fruity ice spheres to give that zing to your drinks.
They are easy to clean too, just drop them in the dishwasher and done!


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