ACOCO Perfect Electronic Nail Care System

I often chip my nails while cooking or doing the dishes this Acoco nail care is perfect for filing during those times. This also buffs your nails effortlessly.
The kit comes with ACOCO micro battery operated nail care device, three smooth rollers and a small black bag to keep all the stuff.
This device has two speed settings for delicate and deep use. The three rollers are used for filling, buffing and shining  fingernails and toenails.

Actually this is best suited for those who like to keep their nails natural looking with no nail polish. The rollers come in three different colors grey, green and pink. The grey roller is used to shape the nails, green roller to smoothen the nails and the pink roller to give shine.
It is pretty light weight and portable so you can carry it with you in your purse or bag.

This does not work as fast as the hand buffer because the rollers being round, covers a small area at a time. It does the job though and does work great on the toes.


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