Matcha Powder – from Kakegawa, Japan


I love making ice-cream with this Matcha green tea. I remember the first time I had green tea ice-cream at a sushi restaurant and was amazed at the taste and flavor not to mention the health benefits.

This Matcha from Kakegawa, Japan strikes a good balance, not too bitter, or not too creamy. I typically make it with coconut milk and Vanilla.
Because this Matcha is more flavorful, I found myself having to use less of it than the other Matchas. It’s a nice bright green color and  very smooth. I plan on using it to make ice cream and other baked goods.

On a normal day I take a glass pour in coconut milk with sweetened Vanilla and add matcha to it, give it a nice whisk till all the powder is dissolved. The feeling I get after drinking all of it is amazing.
To explain in short, I get this feeling of wellness and feel the energy in my body. It lasts the whole day. I get a natural energy boost on drinking Matcha .

I even bought glass tea cups so I can enjoy the bright and beautiful green color of matcha tea and not hide it behind my regular coffee cup.


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