Fanny Pack

Beautiful, nice and sturdy fanny pack but the colors are not similar to those shown in the product pictures.
I picked the blue one. It appears to be made from Canvas material. The zippers are made of metal and the seams are nicely stitched.

My first reaction on receiving it was- it is huge and beautiful. It has so many pockets and I can fit in everything I need in here.
It has 7 zippered compartments in total,3 main Pockets, 2 on the side,1 at the back and the remaining two inside.

This pack goes around the waist so it adds weight to the middle of the body and there is no strain on the hands or legs. Also it is comfortable wearing on walks and very convenient too.

This fanny bag can hold my small water bottle, my iPhone, chap-stick, protein bars, keys, facial cleans and I can go on but you get the idea.

This is going to come more handy during the summer because it can get very hot, and carrying around a water bottle in this pack is a great idea.


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