Facial Sponge


This comes in  a pack of  50 yellow round facial cleansing sponges. I really like cleansing my face and neck with this sponge. It is not harsh but seems to stimulate the skin in the cleaning process.
As of today I have had no break outs, no redness after use and my skin feel better after only a week. I use it at night to take off my makeup and in the morning with no product on it.
You can alter how rough you want it to be by controlling how much water you allow this sponge to soak up. If and when I want a rougher texture, I let a little water go through and decide how much sifter I want it to be. If the sponge has too much water it does not do a good job of cleansing.

You can also reuse this sponge if you like, by rinsing in soapy hot water, drying on a clean towel and placing it in a sterilizer or in the microwave for 1 minute.


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