POAO 10 Smart USB Multi-Port Charger

This charger is sturdy and compact. It comes with a power box, a cord and directions. It is very easy to use, just plug it in and charge away. When you plug it on, a blue LED light on top indicates it is ready for use.You have to use your own device USB connectors though.
It is a good looking charger and can be placed anywhere in view.
This POAO charger has 10 smart USB ports.This charges all my devices using a single outlet, making it the perfect choice to help reduce clutter and cable hazards.
It contains multiple internal protection mechanisms to guarantee safety from overcharging and without risk of overheating or damaging devices
It also features smart identification technology that is able to identify and detect your device to deliver the fastest charge. Each USB port is able to intelligently identify your devices and the maximum amount of power it is calling for.

With everybody having so many devices these days, charging up while traveling becomes a problem. I got this so we can all charge our Apple, Android phone, smartphone, tablet, iPhones, ipad and whatever.
However if you use all the 10 ports at the same time, the charger tends to get a little hot, nothing too severe though.


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