Disposable toilet seat covers – from PottyCover


Everyone knows that the thin sheet liners which are provided in public restrooms are not much of a protection unless you layer them up and don’t touch anything around you. Which is not always possible for small kids. So some parents attempt to clean the seat by wiping it up with wet wipes too and in turn risk infecting their hands.
This Kid potty cover pack comes with 6 individually packaged seat covers. The size is big enough to cover a regular size toilet seat from the front and the sides. The material of these covers are thick with a water proof base. They are soft on the top and made of waterproof material on the other side.
When kids are out and have to go, they just have to go and there is no escaping the public toilets. This is when the seat covers will give you peace of mind that your child will not catch anything infectious from the public toilets seats. The best part is, the covers are big enough so they do not move out of place or slide and your child can wriggle and keep their hands on the sides while climbing up or getting down the seat, with no worry of you trying to protect them and keeping an eye on them to avoid touching the toilet seat all the time.
Since they come in nice compact individual packs you can carry two or three with you, when you take your child out on picnics, camping, sports events, park, or even while flying on airplanes.
According to my knowledge this is the only disposable toilet seat cover that covers the toilet from all angles, front and sides where contact with the toilet seat is possible.
These covers are easily disposable too. Just crumple them up and dispose in the waste paper basket.

Available on Amazon, all Buy Buy Baby stores around the country and at select Bed Bath & Beyond stores.




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