100 Piece First Aid Kit


when camping and hiking or when traveling we hardly think about getting hurt. Well we have too, and this is one kit we must take with us, just in case. This first aid kit comes in a red nylon zippered bag with inside pockets and includes all of the items needed for wound management, medications, blister care, and a first aid manual. The first aid instructions are simple and easy to find.

This kit also includes the basic supplies for handling problems from stomach ailments to severe lacerations. The pockets and zippered mesh compartments allows to add and organize our own items. It has a blanket, gloves, which protect against latex allergies.
The layout of the kit is good.
The items it consists are : Antiseptic cleansing wipes – 6 pcs, Alcohol prep pad – 10 pcs, Butterfly closure strips – 6 pcs, Sterile Gauze Pad – 3 pcs, Extra large adhesive bandage- 4 pc. Adhesive bandages – 25 pcs, Antibacterial Ointment – 4 pcs, Knuckle adhesive bandage – 3 pcs, Fingertip adhesive bandage – 3 pcs, 1 disposable cold compress, First aid tape – 1 roll, Cotton tip applicator – 10 pcs, Abdominal pad – 1 pc, Disposable vinyl gloves – 2 pc, Slim rescue howler whistle – 1 pc, Compass – 1pc, Moleskin blister relief – 1 pc, Triangular bandages – 1 pc, Disposable Emergency blanket – 1 pc, 1 glow stick, Disposable raincoat – 1 pc, Scissors – 1 pc, PBT conforming bandage 5×3.6cm – 1 roll, CPR facemask – 1 pc, Metal tweezers – 1 pc, Razor Blade – 1 pc, Sewing Kit – 1 pc, Safety Pins – 4 pcs, Sting Relief Pads – 4 pcs.

This kit has stuff that most first aid kits don’t


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