Fog Free 3X Shower Mirror and Makeup Mirror by Mirror On A Rope

This is a nice simple, compact, fog free mirror for makeup. This is a very cool mirror once you learn how to use it correctly.
It is easy to install. However do not try to place this mirror’s single suction cup on a vertical surface without reading instructions about using the simple locking mechanism!

How it works is; You simply turn the suction mechanism on the back counter-clockwise to open for installation. Then place the mirror in the desired flat surface and lock the mirror in place by twisting in the opposite direction. To remove, simply twist the suction mechanism and pull on the suction tab. The locking suction mechanism is on a 360 degree swivel. This mirror can be positioned in any direction needed.

The suction cup twists onto any smooth surface like tiles in showers, on mirrors and windows.

It has distortion free glass with 3x magnification on one side to help you see smaller details clearly. This mirror is great for those who usually wear glasses or contacts. Simply adjust the angle as needed and apply makeup, tweeze out facial hair or insert contacts with ease.

Over all this is a nice simple, compact, fog free mirror.


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