Natural Boar Bristle Hair Styling Brush

Boar hair brushes are very expensive so I was surprised to see one at such a low price. This hairbrush has enough boar bristle to carry the natural oils of your hair from the root down to the tips, and enough stiff nylon bristles mixed in order to actually untangle your hair. It is definitely made out of authentic materials and is just what I needed to complete my natural hair care routine.

The boar bristle hair brush is the size of a normal hair brush and does do a great job of brushing my hair.

My hair is straight, fine and frizzy. I only use this brush when my hair is dry. I always detangle my hair with a wide tooth comb prior to brushing.

To add volume I will brush my hair upside down. I like to brush with it multiple times a day for healthy, shiny looking hair. I don’t think this brush will work well on thick curly hair.

A gentle hairbrush is important for hair growth because you’ll lose fewer hairs before their time.  It is also a simple, handsome design that looks quite attractive.


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