Vicsou New Design Multi-Purpose 4 in 1 BBQ Grill Glove

This Vicsou gloves are made of Kevlar woven and fibers with awesome heat resistance, better than all the other gloves I own with 932F heat resistant and cut resistant. I really like the soft interior which is Comfortable. The soft interior keeps the hands, sweat free.
They are thick but light and studded with silicone dots on one sides for added heat protection and better grip. They cover the wrists too!
Good thing that they are hand washable or machine washable.
The quality of the gloves seem good but I have not yet tried any sharp object with them to see if they are cut resistant.
It is nice that you get a set of two for this price.  They give me added confidence when used as they provide excellent grip while giving me extra protection.
I am very pleased to finally have a glove that fits.

Please note these gloves are not suitable for cooking as they are not food grade material as mentioned in the product description. They are basically for housework, yard work, vehicle Repair, woodworking, construction and other work where hand protection is needed.


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