Vitality Max LabsTM BCAA Powder

BCAA powder are an amino acid which keeps the body and organs healthy.
The flavor of this Vitality Max Labs BCAA powder rocks and is a great for having before or after my morning workouts.
This BCAA powder tastes like fruit punch. It smells a little like bubble gum and it tastes like bubble gum with fruit punch. Most BCAA powder leave an aftertaste or sweetness in the mouth, this one does not.

After I started drinking this, I notice less fatigue towards the back end workouts which is nice as I like to keep pushing all the way through. Amino acids are great for recovery, reduce muscle breakdown, and energy this product seem to do all three.

It can be mixed with almost anything, however I would recommend using this for water mix. It is a white powder that turns pink when added to water.


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