Agooding Watermelon Knife Slicer 3-in-1 Kit

We eat watermelon all the time so I decided to try this 3 piece kit. This is my first cutter so it took me many tries to get this right. Wish the cutter came with some instructions how to use it. But once you know how to use it, it seems to be pretty easy and simple. I looked it up on youtube.
It is a very nice set though, and I love that it comes with a small melon baller and V cutter. Easy to make a nice melon ball baskets.
The curved blades of this slicer gets in the melon smoothly, slicing and removing the melon from its rind. You can then use the same slicer as a pair of tongs to pick up the cut slice and transfer it to a platter or container.
Since the set is made of stainless steel it is durable.

Wish it had a handle for better grip though. Also there is a lot of wastage as you can not get all the flesh out uniformly so had to cut it by hand anyway.
Overall a good set for busy people who love eating melon a lot.


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