Mamaway Antibacterial Crossover Sleeping & Nursing Bra

This is now my holy grail bra due to its combination of incredible comfort, flattering fit, and superior quality.
This bra is so comfortable that most of the time I don’t even realize I still have it on. It is truly so soft and the most comfortable bra besides sports bras.
I felt it ran very true to size but I wish there were more colors.This is nice for those who do not like all the extra padding, since this is all supple fabric with no padding.

My breasts do not spill out or in a way that is unflattering. I would recommend this bra to anyone who values comfort and is sick of underwire. However, I am sure there are many like me who are full busted and would buy many more of these if they came with a wider variety of size options and colors.
As of now I find myself wearing this bra night and day! I am going to buy another one soon so I have a backup when one is being washed.


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