Virtual Reality Headset Glasses for 3D Movies and Games

Esky comes with a headset, cleaning cloth, user manual and warranty card.
With this virtual reality headset, it’s fun to see your favorite movie or show, live in action. How it works is first you have to load a movie of your choice onto your phone, and then slide it into a plastic holder that comes in the headset, strap on and begin watching. Once strapped in, you can adjust the focal and pupil settings to get the perfect 3D image and protect against eye strain.

The headset has adjustable straps and soft sponge to maximize comfort. This soft sponge around the eyes lightens pressure on the face.
Even if you wear prescribed glasses it is not a problem as it has a frame that is  super wide to adjust.

It is suitable for all types of iphones and androids. You can make changes and movements of up, down, left, right by your head movements.
Overall it is a fun equipment


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