Plain Old-Fashioned Toothbrushes

These brushes are so pretty in different translucent jewel colors and comfortable to use. I haven’t seen these old fashioned toothbrushes in a long long time. I love the unique colors and soft bristles. Surprisingly, these are made in the USA.

These classic toothbrushes are efficient, comfortable, and do a great job without hurting my gums. They are so much better than all the weirdly shaped brushes being sold these days. I was having trouble getting my teeth really clean with the bizarre wave-shaped, fancy and futuristic-designed brushes they sell these days in stores, regardless of the brand.

These brushes come with nice features. The traction bumps on the handle make the brush less slippery and easier to hold. The proportionate handles of these brushes are designed to enable a firm hand-grip and precision guidance of the brush around the mouth.
They have a rectangular head with a narrow neck. Dental professionals recommend using a small brush head as it can reach the sides of the upper and lower teeth more easily, where little space exists because of the cheeks and tongue. Old brushes came in just one soft version; these come in X-soft, soft, hard, and tuff for kids and adults.

In short these are simple, straight-forward toothbrushes. They cost less than 9 bucks ( $8 on Amazon) for 4 tooth brushes. I’ll be buying these from now on.

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