Recovery Belly Support Girdle Belt

This comes in a set of 3 belts, for the belly, waist and pelvic area. All three are made of durable fabric, nylon and spandex. It is suggested to hand wash these belts before using for the first time but you can also machine wash the bands in warm and the gentle cycle.

The order in which the belts are suggested to wear are; the belly belt first, then the waist belt that has the most width and lastly the hip belt which is the most narrow of them all. It is also suggested to wear these belts over the clothes and not under them.

I was anxious about the fit and practicality of this bands. Would it be too tight and uncomfortable or too loose and not hold up my regular pants! But when I got it and tried it on I was amazed on how well it fits and how comfortable it is. It’s comfortable to where I can wear it all day.

The pressure is adjustable with them and the velcro keeps them firmly in place.
These belts are most effective immediately after child birth as treating with compression support is really essential in controlling and reducing the complications associated with childbirth.

Since it is a 3 belt treatment it has no problems with belts rolling or bunching up like the other single ones available.

All three belts have their own functions like, belly belt helps getting your stomach and muscles half way back to normal. Waist belt helps flatten the belly, redefine the waistline, relief back pain. And the pelvis belt helps speeding up the contraction of pelvis.

It comes with free, cute little bib for your baby. I would highly recommend this product to all new mom’s.


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