Microfiber Camping Towels

These camping towels come in a set of two different sizes, one full size and one small hand towel.
The larger one is smaller than I expected (30″ X 60″) for everyday use, but is super absorbent and dries much faster than traditional cotton towels as it is very thin too.
The material reminds me of the fabric cloth used to clean my sunglasses. The material seems so similar.
Both the towels come with a convenient mesh carry bag, so you can put it in your gym bag or while traveling, and take it with you where ever needed

The drawback is, these microfiber towels don’t glide as easily over the skin surface as cotton towels do. But don’t let that stop you from buying these. They’re wonderful in every way, super soft and dry in a fraction of the time of regular towels.

I have purchased microfiber towels before and they came smelling of chemicals, that dissipated only after a few washes but these towels have no smell at all.

These are perfect to take to the beach or when you go swimming! It has a hanging loop so you can just hang it on a pole, a tree, a hook or anywhere for quick drying! Pretty cool!


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