Ravioli Maker Set

Homemade ravioli is the best, but making it from scratch can be pretty messy and time consuming. Besides most of the Ravioli makers available in the market are more about the filling and less about the pasta but this maker is perfect in balancing both the filling and the pasta.
These molds are made from food-grade plastic, so it is durable and easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

If you think about it making ravioli by hand is a simple process. You lay a sheet of pasta on the kitchen platform, add scoops of filling, and seal them in with another sheet of pasta and then cut the raviolis out with a knife or pizza slicer and you’re done. But the problem with this process is the uneven different shapes and sizes or no balance between the filling and pasta. Most of the times the raviolis won’t seal properly and open up when cooking.
With this maker each ravioli comes out the same size with same amount of filling and well sealed. The size I found to be smaller than my preference but it does make more amount and there is less wastage.


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