Organic Ceylon cinnamon capsules

I read a lot about Ayurvedic medicines and in there they suggest having cinnamon powder with honey for a wide range of benefits. Cinnamon is often used in Ayurvedic herbal preparations. It is is used to balance the digestion and to pacify stomach disorders.

This bottle from HealthFactor contain organic Ceylon cinnamon capsules which is safe to eat unlike Cassia cinnamon which contains larger amounts of coumarin, and can cause liver damage when consumed in excessive amounts.

The capsules come in normal size and are easy to swallow.

These will work for most people to lower glucose level over time, at the dose of at least 4g a day.

I recommend these for anyone who wants to bring their blood glucose down a bit, or is starting to develop type 2 diabetes. I also recommend that you get a blood test of your fasting glucose before and after you start taking these so you know how these are effecting your blood sugar.

These capsules are versatile to use and can be opened as well since they are in a gelatin cover and can be sprinkled on food, on pies, rolls, bagels, pastries, breakfast cereals, and even in beverages or toast.


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