Modern Tabletop Tea Light Set

This is a beautiful tealight center piece. This pack comes with two tealight holders, a wooden tray and some pebbles. The combination of all this together is jaw dropping. The tray also protects your table from wax drippings.

I did not like the pebbles that came with this set, so I used my own semi-precious stones with mirror pieces and the result is amazing!

I can’t express how beautiful it makes my living room look. Anyone who enters my home can’t help noticing and admiring it.

This center piece has been given an original antique look so if you don’t like the rusty antique appearance this center piece is not for you.

It is not a very large center piece so can be placed on any small table. The tealight tray is  9.5″, while each tealight holder measures 2.5″.
I am burning scented tea lights in it in the evenings and we are enjoying the light and the scent, so it’s serving its purpose.


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