Women Power Flex Yoga Pants

These yoga pants are a perfect fit, soft, stretchy and very comfortable. I just wanted a simple pair of yoga pants for running and working out, because I feel like I always end up buying ones that I don’t actually want to work out in!

These yoga pants are true to size, even though the legs were a little long for me but I’m short so there’s an exception. On the brighter side, I am short, but these make me look like I have nice long legs.

The material is perfect; not see-through, but not too heavy either.  While working out the material moves with you.
I can’t find anything bad to say about these yoga pants. I admit I was not expecting them to be so nice, although I do wear a lot of sports clothing’s.

The only thing I miss in yoga pants in general are the pockets, I wouldn’t recommend  an outside pocket but maybe a small hidden pocket on the inside to keep some cash or keys. I know most yoga pants don’t have a pocket but that was just a suggestion.


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