Magnetic Mesh Screen Bug Stopping Door

This Mesh screen door came in a nice box with company logo on it and all. The material seems to be good like the normal plastic mesh

The screen is mesh and have magnets which are to hold the two pieces together in the middle for entry and exit.
You can go through with ease, you can use your hands to open or your body and it closes with ease. The benefit of this screen is that it allows me to go in and out with my hands free and I can carry things like food and groceries. Since it has magnets the screen closes by itself after I have gone through it.

It was very easy to install too and I installed this myself  in less than 10 minutes on my kitchen entrance. If you want to hang the screen, you have to use the included mounting tape.
My kitchen entrance has a wooden frame so I just had to angle the tacks a bit and hammer in very lightly. Please note if you hammer the tack with too much pressure they will break.

Overall a good product but it does have a few draw backs, if you have it in the entrance don’t expect it to keep all the bugs out of the house as the magnets sometimes do not close immediately. Overall the screen door works alright and am somehow satisfied with this purchase!


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