French Fry Potato Cutter

Over the years I have had several smaller plastic French fry cutters and they don’t even compare to this one!
When my last plastic cutter broke down, I decided to get a new one. I am so glad I did. I can cut a basket of fries in no time. Honestly it did take me some practice initially.

I found that I have to position the cutter at a straight angle to my body to get enough pressure to cut the potatoes. I pull the handle with my right hand and that’s about it. You do need to put a little force into it with a smooth quick motion, however you don’t have to be very strong to use it.

This cutter has a suction lock on it, so does not move while pressing down. This suction cup will hold onto any counter top. Fresh firm potatoes work the best on this.

If you are thinking of buying a new French fry cutter but are hesitating because of the price, well don’t hesitate this one is less than $ 16.
I did about two pounds of potatoes that I washed and cut out the bad spots. Cutting the fries in this cutter took only as long as it took to put the potato in and pull the lever.

I normally do a lot of fries, potatoes and sweet potatoes at one time. I half fry them, cool them and then pack them into smaller packets for portion control and freeze them for later. Whenever needed I remove and fry them or bake them again. This way they turn out to be real crisp.
For very large potatoes I cut them into halves then make fries.

Overall this unit is good value for the money. It is very well-built, and certainly does the job as advertised.


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