Double sided crystal glass nail file in leather case

This is a beautiful nail file. As soon as you take it in your hand, you know that it is something different from all the other nail filers. It comes with an impressive leather case too, to keep in my purse and not be afraid of breaking it.

GERmanikure crystal glass nail file seems like a high end product that you won’t be shy of taking out of your bag and using in public.
This is made out of Bohemian glass and is about 5.5 inches long. The texture on this file is chemically etched into the glass, so will last a very long time.
It does a neat job of shaping and smoothing the nail without any rough edges.

I normally use a stainless steel filer and have to go through many rounds to get the desired shape but this file does the job in half the time. I don’t have to use much pressure and  less pressure contributes to a better result.

If you buy this you can be sure you are investing in a long-lasting nail file that can be washed after each use to reduce bacteria exposure. you can also just run it under water to revive it when it gets a little less effective.
The company’s customer service is great too!


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