Gel Nail Polish

I  like all the beautiful colors in this MelodySusie pack. I bought the Macaron color pack which contains colors like sky blue, honey Peach, golden wheat, Rose Hermosa, Violet dream, spring Green.

My favorite nail colors have always been shades of pink but when I got this box, the first color I tried was violet dream and it did not disappoint.

I have used Gel polish before but this seems to be thicker so you don’t need three coats just two will be enough.

I first applied the base coat and placed under UV light for 2 minutes and second coat for 2 minutes. I took of any excess polish around the cuticles with rubbing alcohol before applying heat to the nails.

I would say my nails are medium to long in length. I have gone as long as 3 days before my nails have started to show wear. Actually the longevity of the polish will depend on how much you do with your hands. As for me I work, cook, clean, do the dishes so my nail polish never starts too long. But these Gel nail polish do last double the days than my regular nail polish so I don’t even waste my time with regular polish on my hands anymore.

However one let down is that all the bottles are pink in color and unless you look at the sticker on the cap you won’t know which color is in which bottle and if the stickers come off, you’ll have to open the bottles to look for the color you want.


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