Jujub Pineaple Lip Balm

This is absolutely the right texture and consistency for me. This balm is thick, very creamy and smooth. It smells nice and gives a soft sheen that makes my lips looks very pretty without any other gloss or lipstick.

I’m used to wearing lip balm many times a day because with the first drink I take most balms get on the glass or can and my lips are left dry. Even if I don’t drink or eat most lip balms stay a couple of hours and then I have to reapply like 10 times a day.

This balm deeply hydrate my lips and it actually can lock in moisture so no need to reapply for hours. I apply only twice a day because it stay on all day till I actually wipe it off. Even when I drink or eat, my lips still feel moisturized. It seems like it binds to my lips better than other balms

Honestly this is a great nourishing lip balm that feels really soothing when applied to dry lips. It is not too hard or too soft and spreads easily. It’s specially nice to put on at bed time and to wake up to soft supple lips. If for some reason I do not apply it more than once a day, it never dries my lips.

One thing that can be improved on is the jar. A jar isn’t the most sanitary way to apply lip balm. I scrape mine out with a metal cosmetic spatula then apply.

Other then that I am impressed with the way it feels on my lips and its effectiveness. I will definitely be repurchasing as I like this balm so much.


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