Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender by far is my favorite essential oil for using in diffusers and room fresheners. Actually I just love Lavender fragrance so it doesn’t matter if it is in my creams, lotions, powder or body wash. Lavender fragrance always makes me feel good.
I have four  different bottles of Lavender. They have slightly different scents because even though it comes from the same plant, it’s just from different areas.

This Art Naturals Lavender essential oil set is absolutely amazing and comes with a nice big lavender bottle of 4 oz and two small bottles of  0.3 oz each, one lavender and one signature Zen blend.
The aroma is true lavender and softens and conditions the skin. I guess it will blend well both in lotions and creams and will also work great in soaps, deodorants, body spray and hair conditioner. It brings out the finest aroma for bath salts too.

The scent is not as sharp as which I also like. A little goes a long way. I use a few drops on my wash cloth while showering, a drop on my pillow before bed time. I rub some on my temples, forehead at night and I am off to dream land.

Not to generalize but I have noticed a lot of people these days have skin problems due to the toxic foods as well as what they use on their body. Using this oil can help with skin problems.


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