Stainless Steel Multifunctional Tin & Can Opener

This handy can opener is easy to use. It is all metal and glides through the cans very easily. The cans cut fast without skipping.
It works so slick, on smooth-turning thumbscrew mechanism. You just put in on the can, press down and turn the handle. I really like how this can opener feels durable in my hand. The grippers are easy to grip and the crank works with ease.
It’s certainly made well and it doesn’t depend on the small teeth that grip the rim to advance the can, which wears out on so many can openers. It has its own cogs that interlocks to move the can. It has a huge lever which make for easier turning, too.

It is so simple and easy that even senior citizens could use this product.
This is by far the best manual can opener I have had.


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