Suction Cup Hook Holder

This is a nice looking hook and comes with instructions in the box. It will go well with any decor in your bedroom, kitchen or bathroom.

This double hook holder is suitable on glass, mirror, plastic, granite or tiles. In my opinion this stays well more on glass surface than on tiles. It is made of durable stainless steel material so that is a plus.

The best way to fix it is by cleaning the surface where you will be putting this, wet the suction cup a bit and then you have to turn the roller in a clockwise direction while applying pressure to the suction cup for it to stick in place. Keep twisting the base till it stops turning.
It claims to hold 30lbs but I doubt it. It is nice to hang your wet towel or garment.
This suction hook will not work on wood, stone, sanded tile, porcelain, unfinished marble, grout lines, dry wall and any surface that is bumpy, porous or rough.


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