Aquarium Depot T-shirt


Aquarium Depot is an online retailer of aquariums, their accessories, and live marine pets.

This Aquarium Depot T-shirt comes in two colors, black and white. I got the black one with the Aquarium Depot lettering and a blue dolphin, which looks really nice.

This is now my “go to” default shirt for everyday wear. It is comfortable and goes with everything. It is great for wearing with shorts, but especially nice when paired with slim legged jeans or slacks. It holds its shape, the colors don’t fade, and the sleeve length is perfect.

I like my T- shirts thick but light like this one, for durability and a neater appearance. I like the length of this T-shirt as well.

The tubular construction frames the body but isn’t tight or clingy, nor too boxy. The extra length is a big plus.

Since the material is pre-shrunk, I haven’t seen any shrinkage upon washing it. In my opinion, this T-shirt is the perfect material for summer, especially for these hot days in Southern California.
Oh BTW these are true to size so don’t up on your size while buying to be on the safe side.

Overall they look nice, are comfortable, and hold up well to wearing and washing. I wish there were more color choices, especially in the larger sizes though.

I received this T-shirt in exchange for a fair and honest review.


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