Organic Quinoa


If you like quinoa, this is worth a buy. I use quinoa in a lot of my cooking, like appetizers, salads, meals, even desserts. Quinoa is getting very popular because of the high amount of fiber and protein in it.

Most of the time I add meat and fish to the dishes, so it’s not all vegetarian. Though it can be made as a fully vegetarian meal, it offers a diverse selection.

It is gluten free making it friendly food for some of my friends who have gluten problems.
If you are looking to make something basic quinoa is easy to prepare, somewhat like rice. Add water to quinoa in the proportion of 1:2 and cook for awhile, then let stand for a bit.

I’ve made a couple of things from this, muffins, cake, and a stir fry dish.

Over all it is a great protein source for the vegetarians. It is easily included in a variety of tasty recipes.
One of the problems you may encountered while preparing quinoa is that if you don’t add herbs and spices it can turn out to be pretty bland.


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