Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This mini portable Bluetooth speaker helps to stream music from any Bluetooth-enabled cell phone, handheld device, bluetooth audio devices to stereo, home theater systems  or computer. Pretty good given it’s size.
It is easy to operate with a small on/off button. The rest of the stuff like volume you have to control from your device. It comes with a USB charger and a slip with instructions in a nice box that can be gifted.

Pretty small and light enough so it is easy to carry with me in my pocket or hand bag where ever I go.

My computer was about a few feet away from the receiver but it worked great. It worked flawless again with no interruptions. The Bluetooth is good with no drop outs or other problems. Although sound quality is clear, it does lack the bass we all love.

The battery doesn’t last too long though. Maximum 3 hours. But I really enjoy listening to my music on this one! It delivers a nice listening experience both inside the house and outside in open areas.


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