Collapsible Mesh Food Cover Tent Umbrella Set

We like to have a lot of parties outside and these nets are prefect for keeping the bugs away from the food. These nets are basic and very easy to set up and fold down.

These food nets come in a set of three. These works a lot like an umbrella. You have to pull the string attached to open them and when open, a plastic piece slides into the top, and a knob goes over it to hold it together. To collapse it, you just pull and press the knob that is attached to a string to keep from losing it and then pull the plastic piece that’s underneath down and it is ready to store.

We have a lot of outside meals at the yard, beach, park and picnics so I actually need a bunch of these food tents! They are for helping us to keep those pesky flying insects off of our food. Insects that are typical at an out door event such as house flies, wasps, and gnats.  They are of nice size so you can cover a pretty large plate of food. You have to be careful to adjust the net at the base, so that the edges of the netting touches the table surface. You also have to be careful not to snag the netting and get holes in it. Of course, you need a tablecloth on most picnic tables or the bugs will come from beneath the table, between the slots.
A disadvantage could be that they are very light so when they is wind the nets could be easily tossed around by it!


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