Sushi making kit

I love making sushi at home and this bamboo sushi rolling mat makes it so much easier. . This set comes with 2 sushi mats, 1 rice paddle and 1 rice spreader.
It took me a couple of tries till I got this right. These mats are the right size for making maki rolls. I covered the mats with cling wrap then rolled up the sushi. You just put the sticky rice and all the ready ingredients like raw tuna, avocado, carb sticks, Japanese mayonnaise or wasabi, etc. and it rolls it nice and tight.

I am so pleased with how my sushi turned out with this set. Much easier than hand rolling. After a few more tries, I don’t think we will be dining out anymore for it.
Over all the set is well constructed bamboo material sushi making mat!
It is to clean and store for daily use too. I just soak mine in hot water for about five minutes and clean it. While keeping the price low, the quality is good.
An absolute recommendation for anyone who enjoys making sushi.


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