Timori Womens Light Weight Infinity Scarf

scarf 054

The colors are perfect but the material snags easily.
The fabric is soft, fluffy and lightweight. I like the print and the feel of the scarf. The print is just as pictured and is very thin so wearable all year around but don’t expect it to provide warmth as it just for accessorizing. My complaint about the scarf is how easily the fabric seems to snag, too sheer and the metallic sheen is too shiny for my liking.

The scarf itself is nicely made, all the seams are sewn together and no stitching is left undone. It has enough length to wrap it around your neck twice and still be loose but bunched enough to add some depth to an outfit!

Over all on one side the colors go with everything and design is nicely done. It is stylish, lightweight scarf that can enhance a sweater, blouse, dress, or even a plain white T-shirt. On the other side I feel it is cheap looking  and Kinda itchy like some scarves can be


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