Digital Voice Recorder

This deal comes with a digital voice recorder, charging Cable, Headphones and User Guide.
The recorder is perfect for recording lectures. I’m currently a student who has hours of lectures per day. This device helps me play back the lectures like it was in real time. It has 20 hours of recording and the body is made of thin aluminum.

It is a great little recorder as long as you don’t mind one channel recording.
I also use this for recording breakout sessions at a conference. I liked that it records directly to MP3, so I don’t have to convert files.
Next thing I like is the hold switch. I can start a recording and then lock out the buttons with the hold switch. It won’t get bumped and be turned off accidentally and I don’t have the situation where someone forgets to press record.

The built in microphone works well, but picks up a lot of the ambient room sound as well.
It may record MP3s but there’s no way to transfer them to another device. It does have a more digital sound compared to the older models that had true analog sound but still for the money I would say its worth it.


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