Stainless Steel Straws by Alistart

I am glad I got these stainless steel straws.  I don’t have to buy any more of those plastic straws. These are stainless, reusable and don’t rust.
They come in a set of 6 with two fine brushes to keep them clean.
These stainless steel straws are well-made. They have the same diameter as plastic straws but they don’t collapse under negative pressure like plastic or paper straws do.

Excellent also to mix your drink, because they are so sturdy, they work well for stirring. The straws are heavy so the bubbles from fizzy drinks don’t push up and out the glass. The neck is bent at 45 degrees and is too stiff to adjust, which I thought might be a drawback. They change temperature to match the beverage, which is nice.

Two cleaning brushes are thoughtfully included. They are dishwasher safe, but I prefer washing them in the sink.


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