Pelvic Floor exerciser

Many women find themselves faced with the effect of pelvic floor muscle damage after childbirth. Others develop bladder control issues through other causes, and find that the generic pelvic floor exercises do not work for them. This is where this stimulator helps.

I got these pelvic floor exerciser because it helps with urinary incontinence and pelvic prolapse. It is perfect for pelvic floor muscles toning.
The stimulation feels similar to the movements of kegel exercises that start and stop urine flow. This exerciser does the job for you, use it for 10 minutes and you have sufficiently exercised your pelvic floor muscles for the day.

How it works is; Stimulation is created by light electrical impulses delivered to the nerves and muscles of the pelvic floor. Electrical stimulation causes the muscles to tighten or contract and therefore strengthening them.

There are different levels of Electrical Stimulation and speed in this exerciser. Start with light and slow pulse a day and increase the electrical impulses gradually


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