Silicone Burger Press

You will always find packets of frozen homemade burgers mix in my freezers. Thanks to this mold I won’t have to defrost to make patties before cooking.
This mold make burgers of good thickness about an inch thick and you can store them in the molds covered in the freezer. The meat freezes perfectly inside the mold and comes out easily to put right on the grill or to stack in between wax paper for grilling for later.

They’re not necessarily going to be edge to edge on your bun as they are hexagonal in shape but the thickness will actually make a juicier burger which I much prefer.
I personally like to add shredded cheese and herbs in my meat for hamburgers and this is a great way to do it ahead of time for a BBQ.

The silicone mold is sturdy and durable for freezing and transporting.You can take these with you straight from the freezer to where ever you are BBQing for easier transportation.

I do not recommend putting in the dishwasher as it was slightly deformed but still usable after doing this.
A great tool for burger lovers.


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