Stainless Steel Drinking Cups


These tumblers remind me of when I was a child. we used to have a lot of stainless steel utensils and cutlery in our house as it is durable, reusable and does not break.
These will be good during camping trips. They come in a set of five, 16 oz tumblers. It is nice to have a glass to pour my evening beverages in, and also that would keep the drink cold. So far, so good. They do get your hand cold, but as long as you don’t mind that that they work great!
These tumblers have a nice weight to them.

However I thought they would be very similar as to those when I grew up, but these are already losing their luster and need maintenance. I remember we never had to do much to keep our stainless steel shining. Besides this issue, they are really good craftsmanship and really do keep things colder or hotter longer.

-Don’t contain chemicals to get into beverages
-Nice, classy-looking when cared for well
-perfect for cold drinks on a hot day
-not breakable

-needs maintenance
-metal tumblers get hot/cold pretty soon


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