Orthotic Shoe Insoles

These gel soles are perfect for me because I do tend to get really sore feet when running long distances, the rest of my body is in good shape, but sometimes my feet would just ruin outings for me so I was looking forward to trying the insoles.

They are made with a special dual gel design, that gives you soft blue gel for cushioning and shock absorption, and a firmer gel for added foot support.

They were big in size so I cut them out. They come in size for men 8-12 or Women 9-13 and you can cut them to fit your shoe size. I use these in my athletic shoes and usually run about 10 miles a day.
Before using these I would get a burning sensation on the bottom of my feet after running due to constant friction but when using these I don’t get the pain. They are very comfortable.

My only complaint is I wish they didn’t have an high arch built into them. However they stayed in place.


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