8-Compartment Tea Storage Box with Hinged Lid


This tea box has a beautiful finish and holds enough tea. There are 8 compartments which are equally divided and which are sized perfectly for the standard size tea bag to sit horizontally. You can put 10-14 tea bags in each compartment.

you can have the tea bags standing up at a slight angle which I did because I put multiple types of tea in a single compartment.

The tea box is a very pretty design with a see through lid so you can display your tea collection nicely to guests who can make a choice even before you open it. However those divider panel are glued to the side, so I am not able to adjust. The lid have hinges for easy open and close.

I have all the slots filled with different types of standard tea bags, those Lipton tea bag size, Ceylon green tea bags, etc if any of you wonder what size of tea bag and it looks really nice putting it on the counter. I also like the simplicity of it because you can basically put it anywhere and it’ll look nice. It’s pretty sturdy and I liked that it is made out of bamboo, it matches with my decor.

Overall I would definitely recommend this not just to store tea but also for organizing small assortments of stuff like spices.


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