Maxam 33 Piece Glass Chess Set

glass chess

This glass chess set is beautiful. It was packaged great and the pieces came in good condition. It is a perfect addition to our home.

This wonderfully exquisite chess set comes with a 13.625 inch L x 13.625 B glass board with alternating frosted and clear squares on it. The same with the glass pieces, they are frosted and transparent to distinguish two different sides of the play.
There are four rubberized feet on the other side of the glass board for perfect balance, placement and to prevent damage to the board and the surface on which it rests. The glass board is thin and no doubt very delicate.

Where ever you place it, it will add show to the decor and the chess board itself is fully functional. All the glass pieces have black felt on the bottom so when you move them they glide easily.

However it would be great to have a storage solution for this board when not in use. It is not an item that will last too long but I am happy with the purchase.


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