Yoga & Pilates Socks for Women

These yoga socks are perfect for Pilates and other yoga exercises. Gives you a little grip and keeps your feet clean. In my opinion hygiene is important when sharing machines and mats.

They run true to size and fit great, and I like both the color grips. They come in two sizes medium size,  6-9 women’s shoe size and large size, 9-12 women’s shoe size.

These socks are easy to put on and seem to be made of  good fabric.
I am at the beginner level in yoga and feel that these socks are great for anyone doing yoga at any level.  I don’t like to put my bare feet on the floor or mat, so these socks are perfect.

They are easy to wash too. It is best to use delicate / gentle cycle for them.  I am a size 7 in shoes, and most of the reviews said that they are true to size, so I went for the medium.
Overall good quality yoga socks.


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