Peanut Ball


This is a very simple looking peanut ball. It is blue in color and has the words “open up” on it. You can use it for body pain or during workout.
I bought this because I was having back pain. I often use as my warmup for exercise too. It is gentle though you can also work on it more vigorously.
It is not difficult to use. You have to find space in your home for this little peanut ball, and literally ten minutes a day to go through a workout. Just lay down a mat or towel if you don’t have carpet, and do the exercises whenever you have the time.

You can look it up on youtube and learn a range of exercises and techniques to eventually build your own routine, choosing the moves that work best for you.
If you work with it daily it will give you a strong and flexible core and back.

I would recommend this ball especially for those who are reluctant or nervous about being new to exercising, or existing physical problems. Start small and loosens up tight muscles.


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