Play 101 sticks

I got three Play 101 sticks as samples #03, #20, #16 which can be used on the face, eyes, and lips from 08L

These sticks are very convenient and portable.They easily blend and don’t cake or get patchy. At first they seem shimmery but then settles into a powdery-matte finish.
I liked the foundation and it goes well with my skin. The contour stick was too dark for my skin.
The samples I got were full size. Each stick was 7.5 grams / 0.26 ounche.
I also like the blusher but I wouldn’t use it on the lips as it is too bright for me. The Play 101 Stick Multi Color in #16 has a slightly cool toned light pink base with a shimmer. As a blusher it gives me a very natural glow that makes me look warm and awake.
A little goes a long way with these. Since these blend well only with their facial brushes I use my fingers to pat and blend it on the cheek lightly or light swipe it.
Overall the coverage is medium.


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