Skinny Jane Weight Loss Kit

I got a one week trial of Skinny Jane’s Quick Slim Kit at a discounted price. The content was Banana shake blend for 7 days, 7 day skinny burn capsules in tiny zip locked bag, 7 day skinny cleanse capsules,  7 sachet of tea bags and a paper with 7 day eating plan.

The breakfast shake tasted good but on the first day after I implement the rest of the diet and capsules, I was down with loose motions and could not go to work. At first I though it was cleansing my system.
The second day I had very bad stomach crams as the loose motions continued.
The third day I had muscle cramps all over my body and could not go for my daily morning workout.

I looked at there site but I could not find the ingredients in their capsules and other products and so I stopped taking these.
I have read a lot of reviews about people losing weight with this so I wasn’t sure if anyone else is experiencing the same as me. I think it may work for some but did not work for me.
In my opinion this plan can to be used as a “cleansing” kit to start living a healthier lifestyle. I have experiences no weight loss whatsoever, only a huge amount of cramps. I eat healthy and I exercise daily.


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